Favourite Sites

These are some of the sites I find myself checking out a lot.

The Scottish Poetry Library – http://www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk
A precious thing that must be supported and well worth a visit both physically but also virtually from around the world. A treasure chest of information.

My dear friends, Jessica who writes a gorgeously contemplative blog. You might enjoy it as much as I do – http://hermitagepointe.com and Rose who cuts through the lazy hours with effortless precision. You must listen to her recordings – seek her out at http://www.geletilari.wordpress.com

You must visit – https://artipeeps.wordpress.com where the marvellously energetic bundle that is Nicky Mortlock steered the exciting Nine Realms Project in 2015 to which I contributed and basically was turned into a Viking. You can still buy and download the poetry and music from the Project at http://artipeeps.bandcamp.com – I have four poems recorded on it but I’m brilliantly outdone by the music and the other wonderfully talented poets involved.

And hopefully Nicky has new adventures scheduled for 2016.

And the wonderful poet Nat Hall whose website https://nordicblackbird.wordpress.com/ is always worth a visit for poetry and photographs of the Shetland Isles and loads of other links to good stuff.

And then there are the artists F.E. Clark at https://feclarkart.com and Jamie Mackenzie at https://mackenzieart.co.uk both who’ve filled spaces in my house with incredible works.

Plus the amazingly talented Jeff Kern in New York ( @awaitingfrost ) whose latest album (including some of my words) is due out in April 2016 – check his current work at http://isotherme.bandcamp.com

Not forgetting my good friend Simon Beavis ( @ashortstay ) whose album of poetry and music is a wonderful wee gem and proceeds of it go to charity – go seek it out at http://simonbeavis.bandcamp.com. One day when the beer runs out we’ll get around to the collaboration we keep talking about. O

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