the missing ingredient

When you stir it too long
it thickens to a sludge.
When you stir it too quick
it throws the words out,
leaving the page empty
with berry drops of thought
struggling to find oxygen,
wanting to find meaning
in the contagion of memory
lifted from the well thumbed
page your mother left you
in that book with bluebells
and shades of hot summers
in the crease, and the wilt
of honeysuckle stems folded
into the last page but one,
the recipe for your life,
you never could get right,
the ingredients always short
because she knew the secrets
the odd stack of jars held safe
in the cupboard, you can’t open
without thinking of her
without berry drops of thought
mixing with fresh picked tears
and things to add to the list
for next time you find courage
to visit the store, without her.

1 Comment

22/06/2016 · 2:21 am

One response to “the missing ingredient

  1. There is no one true recipe for memories.

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