in the blank #fieryverse

and a smile as wide as the sky
where the mountains of Moidart
take the sea by its embroidered edge
pulling you a little closer to me

past the old pier, where the rocks
hide their encrusted inflictions well
and the sea loch puffs out its chest
with all the pride of a new found father

when the bundles of prawn boats
laden with jewels and adventures
nod and bow in the passing, with news
of the deep and the glory of birthdays

exclaimed by the gulls pirouetting
through pieces of white, in the blank
which only the Gods can translate
into the call on reluctant followers

but you and I know what it all means
no transcription is necessary, as I sit
and gaze towards the horizon, content
to let the sea unravel the knots between us

1 Comment

01/06/2016 · 4:17 am

One response to “in the blank #fieryverse

  1. I love the flow of this, I love how it feels, like an intimate conversation and moment no one can butt in on

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