I’ll tell you what / we needed or maybe not
on Saturday last / before Tuesday past
the Saturday before / the Wednesday score
on the Monday night / try as I might
I’m not going back / there’s a definite lack
we were heroes / a bunch of zeroes
we were rocking / we were shocking
we were cruising / gave them a bruising
we’ve not a clue / we’ve got fatigue
we’re Champions League / we’re Division Two
was that a 442? / more an 811
a stroke of genius / give’s a break, we won
why does he not play him? / I wouldn’t give him boots
it’s looking grim / I can see green shoots
we need experience / we need youth
we need clean sheets / we need tricks not treats
we should commit more / three up front, we need to score
defend what we’ve got / develop what we’ve got
my pie was cold / my pie was gold
we’re getting sucked in / we’re getting stuck in
I can see daylight / I can see a black hole
we’ve turned a corner / we’ll improve when it’s warmer
we need a clear out / keep what we’ve got
build from the top / that’s the shout
add another layer / a million pound player
start again / consolidate, ease the pain
we need a plastic pitch / re-turf the grass pitch
a new start / to stick with tradition
a kick start / to squad rotation
a winning mentality / a break from reality
starting on Saturday / ready for Tuesday
on Monday night / for Saturday’s early kick off
we’ve got momentum / we’re doomed
I’m up for it. It’ll be fun. / I’m painting the bairns room
I think we’re done / I’ll see you there then?
I can’t wait. It’ll be great. / Europe here we come!

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21/03/2016 · 2:49 pm

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